Wood boilers

Wood boiler MULTIPLEX (23-1.628kW)

Code: MCL

Multi-fuel boiler, i.e. it can burn wood, briquettes, coal or oil. With a cylindrical flanged e-type exchanger. The oil burner is automatically commanded when the wood runs out. The combustion is controlled by means of a blower (depending on the desired water temperature, it opens or closes, receiving a command from the room thermostat and the hydrostat).

It has a rich heated surface, flame and water pipes, a spacious combustion chamber. The front has two doors for feeding, maintenance and cleaning. There is also the possibility of installing an oil burner.

The MCL boiler is available in a wide power range, offering solutions for economical and ecological heating in domestic, agricultural, industrial and professional applications.


  • Solid construction,
  • Large combustion chamber volume,
  • Large feed door,
  • Large heated surface,
  • Perfect combustion, maximum efficiency,
  • Easy maintenance, easy and quick cleaning,
  • Long life span,
  • Saving money.

MCL-F solid fuel boiler (23- 581 kW)

Code: MCLF

Wood-coal boiler MCL-F with socket for biomass burner adaptation (18- 581 kW). The MCL-F is the Bioplex boiler without the core burner. Suitable for wood, briquette or coal, and has a special flange that adapts a core burner. Thus it is converted into a pellet, core, biomass boiler. This is its great advantage. Its ease of adjustment and the choice of the fuel in question.