In order to get the maximum efficiency of a thermal system, it is recommended to use buffer tanks or domestic hot water tanks. They can be placed in all types of installations and be connected to one or more energy sources for better efficiency which leads to fuel and money saving. There are buffers and domestic hot water tanks without, with one, or with two serpantines for connection to one or more energy sources. The smallest tank capacity is 150lt and the largest 9000lt.

All of the tanks are made of steel grade S235JR. The thickness of the insulation is 100mm, in order for the water to remain hot for as long as possible. The insulation is removable and the cover is PVC. The operating pressure is 3 bar. The installation is very easy. The tanks have lots of sockets for the connection of sensors and thermometers. There is also an after demand kit which includes 4,6 or 9kW electric resistance.

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