Heating oil and natural gas are the most widely used fuels for heating. They offer autonomy and independence to the user, while their high calorific value ensures a high degree of efficiency during combustion.

THERMOSTAHL gas oil boilers are products of high standards, long-term study, research and experience. THERMOSTAHL's knowledge and experience of steel boilers make our boilers the ideal solution for your needs. Our oil-gas boilers operate in accordance with DIN 51603 for heating oil and in accordance with DVGW and DIN 4788 for natural gas and LPG. The manufacturing for the oil-gas boilers is done according to the German DIN 4702 standards and the production process is based on the European standard ISO 9001.

THERMOSTAHL gas oil boilers are intended for the production of hot water according to DIN 4751 in central heating installations. The maximum permissible operating pressure of the boilers is 5 bar, however, they can be manufactured for operating pressure up to 8 bar - PRESS type.

The ENERSAVE boiler series is the most classic range of oil boilers. With applications from 23kW for small houses to 4.650kW for special installations they are the ideal solution for heating. The ENERSAVE PLUS range are high efficiency steel reinforced boilers, specialised for gas firing.

ENERNOX is a three-way, low NOx, high-efficiency, low-emission, high-efficiency boiler ideal for natural gas firing with an efficiency rating greater than 93%.

The LEADER boiler series is a range of new monobloc boilers, with a rich heated surface for a high degree of efficiency. It offers easy transport and installation and its dimensions are such that it can be installed even in small boiler rooms and can pass through small openings.

Finally, Thermostahl, responding to the needs of the time and keeping up with the needs of the market, created the ENERCOND condensing boiler for high efficiency and high fuel savings and environmental protection. Combined with a low NOx burner, it also achieves very low emissions, reducing environmental pollution and contributing to the protection and prevention of global warming.