Individual Units


Code: CD


COMFORT (23-70kW)- Compact oil unit

Ref: CMF

Integrated boiler room including: Steel boiler with 4 cast iron flue gas baffles. Swedish technology (BF-1) BENTONE pre-set oil burner, designed according to the new European Standards EN267 (for condensing boilers). 


  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • New design.
  • Silent operation.
  • TWIN (balanced flue) exhaust system.
  • Combustion air preheating.
  • Pollutant reduction up to 30%.
  • Reduction of electricity consumption.
  • Performance grade 92%.
  • Electronic circulator ALPHA-2.

ES COMBIVAL (23-69kW)- Compact oil unit

Ref: ES

Individual oil-fired boilers with horizontal flutes, three-way pressurized combustion chamber, integrated boiler room in small dimensions, three-way boiler for high efficiency greater than 91%, oval construction for larger heating surface, silent operation, total insulation.

HS COMBIVAL (23-69kW)-Compact oil boilers with horizontal tubes for heating and DHW

Code: HS

Pressurized, three-way, pressurized, three-way exhaust gas boiler with tumbler and servo for hot water (DHW). High-quality construction. Internally equipped with a copper serpentine (Ø16mm) for hot water production. New INOX exhaust gas turbochargers. Complete boiler room in small dimensions, with high efficiency >91%, oval construction for larger heating surface, silent operation, total insulation, rapid heating and simultaneous production of domestic hot water.

STAR individual oil boilers for heating and DHW (23-140kW)

Code: STAR

Steel boiler of type OVAL, with rich heating surface, for heating and simultaneous production of hot water for domestic use. It has an integrated copper heat exchanger.

Autonomous oil unit TS ECONOMIC (23-58kW)

Code: TS

The TS series is distinguished by its small dimensions. They form a complete boiler house, with burner, circulator, expansion tank. The instrument panel is with two thermostats and a safety thermostat. The interior is fitted with cast iron flue gas path baffles. Suitable for oil combustion. Ideal solution for small houses. Excellent value for money. 


THERMOSTHL individual units are distinguished by their high reliability and quiet operation.

  • They achieve maximum performance with the greatest fuel economy, without harming the environment with harmful emissions.
  • They combine the advantages of independent heating with the modern technology of steel boiler and DHW production.
  • They have an electrical panel with all the combustion control instruments, as well as a European burner, circulator, expansion tank, safety valve, automatic vent and optionally a timer.
  • All this in a boiler room of minimal dimensions that can be placed where there is a lack of space, inside or outside the house, even on the balcony.