BIOPLEX HL (18-4070kW)-Biomass boiler

A complete assembly with screw-type biomass burner and silo, suitable for olive kernel, tops, kernels, agropellet, charcoal, wood, corn, wheat.Steel boiler with cylindrical flame-retardant heat exchanger. Three pass of exhaust gases - Type eThe HL boiler burns various solids with a diameter of 5-25 mm with automatic feeding: charcoal, oilcake, pellets, agropellet, fruit pits , husks, etc., as well as wood or briquettes with manual feeding. A BIOMIX version with integrated stirring system for wood chips and sawdust is also available. It also has the possibility of adapting an oil burner for auxiliary/alternative use.

  • The flange on the front door gives the option to adjust oil burner for auxiliary/ alternative use.
  • BIOPLEX HL unit includes:
    • feeding system with double axis and an electric motor.
    • combustion system with a ventilator
    • fire extinguishing system
    • safety set
    • ash pot
  • Two doors for cleaning, maintaining and ash removal
  • Manual ignition
  • The boiler is suitable for houses, villas, cottages, and gives the possibility to burn any solid fuel residue and independence from oil and gaseous fuels,
  • Excellent operation, high efficiency, easy cleaning, minimum maintenance.
  • The silo is the fuel tank and has a large capacity to last from 4 to 7 days (depending on demand). The silo can be filled manually or - optionally - by automation. The fuel is transferred by a screw to the furnace in the combustion chamber, where it is burnt. A cast iron 'catalyt' keeps the furnace hot and increases the efficiency by burning off all unburnt particles.

Screw, double axis biomass burner with electric motor, and ventilator
Large capacity silos.
Cast iron catalyt
Cast iron grid for wood.
Ash pot
(Note: For models HL-100 and above all boilers have 3 doors).

HL 1815.50018200-3003052400175
HL 2320.00023200-3003352500175
HL 3530.00035200-3003602600175
HL 4740.00047200-3004202700175
HL 5850.00058200-3004502500195
HL 6960.000693004902600195
HL 8170.000813005302700245
HL 9380.000933005702800245
HL 116100.0001163006102900245
HL 130110.00012830069021100245
HL 140120.0001405008502900295
HL 160140.00016350093021000295
HL 190160.000186500105021150295
HL 210180.000209500112021400295
HL 230200.000233500122021600295
HL 260220.000256500135031100345
HL 290250.000291700160031350345
HL 350300.000349700185031600345
HL 400350.000407700212031800395
HL 460400.000465700235032000395
HL 580500.000581700317031550495
HL 700600.000698950362031800495
HL 750650.000756950408032050495
HL 800700.000814950423032050495
HL 870750.000872950462032250495
HL 930800.000930950473032250495
HL 1050900.0001.050950522032450495
HL 11601.000.0001.163950568032650495
HL 14001.200.0001.3951.9006.65032200595
HL 16001.400.0001.6281.9007.50032700595
HL 19001.650.0001.9002.8008.50033100595
HL 22001.800.0002.0902.8009.50033600595
HL 25002.200.0002.5602.80011.30033400695
HL 30002.600.0003.0203.80012.90034400695
HL 35003.000.0003.4903.80014.50035200795
HL 40003.500.0004.0703.80016.20036200795