SLI-Solar system with INOX tank and fullplate selective collector

Technical characteristics of boiler:

  • Material: : totally made of INOX 316-L
  • Thickness of exchanger (Jacket) 1,5mm.
  • Test pressure: 16bar.
  • Working pressure: 8 bar.
  • Insulation: ecological polyurethane (without CFC), 50mm thickness, 40kg/m3.Heat transfer coefficient 0.019 kcal/m/h/οC.which keeps the water hot.
  • Inspection Flange: Ø140mm,
  • Electric resistance:: 4kW with inox flange for hot water even in cold days without sun.
  • Safety valve: 10bar
  • Thermostat: Adjustable thermostat (30-90οC ) triple contact and thermal safety in accordance with Directive 73/23 and 93/68EU.
  • Anticorrosion Protection: magnesium anode
  • Possibility of connection to the central heating system, with the addition of an optional spiral exchanger (serpentine).

Technical characteristics of collectors:

    • Absorber material: aluminum, PVD technology, blue selective fullplate.
    • Absorber type: HARP
    • Absorber welding: Laser
    • Riser: Φ8mm.
    • Frame: A punching method used to form a sturdy totality between the frame and the glass. Also in order to prevent corrosion ALUZINGtechnology is used.
    • Sealing: rubber mastic (silicone) type EPDM of high thermal resistance, resistant to ultraviolet radiation
    • Glass: tempered (safety) according to DIN 52337 Mislite 4mm
    • Insulation: glasswool 40mm,20kg/m³
    • Header: 2 or 4 Cu Φ22
    • Absorption : α=95% (±2%)
    • Transmission: ε=5% (±2%).
    • Antifreeze liquid. Antifreeze fluid S-H-Fluid (non-toxic propylene glycol -14 to +170οC). It also does not allow salts to be deposited on the collector.
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Full plate absorber
Flat/ sloped surface mounting system
Connection materials
Inox water heated tank
Safety valves.
Antifreeze liquid.

SLE130/1,511,00X1,50                    1,50
SLE130/1,7511,41X1,17                    1,75
SLE130/211,00X2,00                    2,00
SLE 160/1,7511,41X1,17                    1,75
SLE 160/211,00X2,00                    2,00
SLE 160/2,311,17X1,88                    2,30
SLE 160/2,5011,25X2,00                    2,50
SLE 160/2,7511,17X2,25                    2,75
SLE 160/321,00X1,50                    3,00
SLE 200/2,511,25X2,00                    2,50
SLE 200/2,7511,17X2,25                    2,75
SLE 200/321,00X1,50                    3,00
SLE 200/3,521,41X1,17                    3,50
SLE 200/421,00X2,00                    4,00
SLE 250/321,00X1,50                    3,00
SLE 250/3,521,41X1,17                    3,50
SLE 250/421,00X2,00                    4,00
SLE 300/421,00X2,00                    4,00
SLE 300/4,621,17X1,88                    4,60
SLE 300/521,25X2,00                    5,00
SLE 300/5,521,17X2,25                    5,50
SLE 300/631,00X2,00                    6,00