ENERCOND (18 – 2100 kW)- Condensing boiler


The operating principle of condensing boilers is based on using the heat of the exhaust gases, that is wasted as loses to the environment, to transfer the heat to the water through solutions designed by Thermostahl solar.

These energy loses are estimated at about 11%. In traditional boilers the energy in the exhaust gases cannot be used and is discharged into the environment at a temperature above 120.C. Condensing boilers, allow the heat to be used from the exhaust gases by cooling them to a temperature below the dew point, so that the exhaust gases are discharged at a temperature below 65.C. In this way it is possible to recover the latent heat from a heat exchanger in the boiler and reduce the temperature of the flue gases diffused into the atmosphere (50-60.C compared to 120 - 180.C of the exhaust gases in conventional boilers) with absolute respect for the environment. According to the definition of the Lower Heating Value, which does not include latent heat, condensing boilers have an efficiency higher than 10% and have a total efficiency 25% higher than conventional boilers.


According to DIN 4751 the ENERCOND boiler is intended for the production of hot water (up to 105.C), in central heating installations, as well as other related applications.

The permissible operating pressure is up to 5 bar.

Boilers with operating pressure up to 8 bar are manufactured (on request).


  • Solid construction
  • Flexibility
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rich heated surface
  • Three, exhaust gases pass
  • Uniform thermal surface
  • Long-term operation without problems


  • AISI 316 stainless steel sheet metal sheet
  • Hot rolled sheet metal sheet EN10025-2-S235
  • Seamless tile AISI 316, EN 10204
  • Flue gas retardants INOX AISI 316
  • Door: Fire-resistant material PLICAS -LW - MIX - 124 (PLIBRICO)
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